Four Thingy-ma-jig Friday's

I just can’t go on any more.  

I am Knicker-bocker-glory knackered.

Slush Puppy Sloshed.

Brain feels like thick huffy smog on a frost-smothered winter morning in High Wycombe.

You know when you’re so tired you start saying “thingy”.

And, then, when you’re even more tired you start saying “thingy-ma-jig”.

Am a Trifle of Thingy-ma-jig Tired.

I’m in Lisboa.

Celebrating my 30th Birthday.

Massive game of Hares and Hounds… in the Main Praça…with the leds in Bucket hats… #gunna be LIT, brooooooo. It’s a MOOOVIEEEEE

#boozeHounds #HareofTheDog #DogEatDogWorld

Knee deep.


Full-throttle. Pudding.

Wading through delicious oceans of Pastel de Natas and Spicy Chicken and Super Bock.

Creating content from scratch is HARD.

Curating content is a piece of piss.

So welcome…

To my “Four Thingy-ma-jig Friday’s”

Four pieces of wisdom I am absolutely loving.

And know will really, really, really help you and your challenger brand.

1. Quote I’m loving… “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better” - Abraham Lincoln

In 2023, this quote penetrated my soul.

I’ll be honest,

I used to judge people I didn’t know too harshly. We all do.

This year, I’ve met incredible people, who are now great friends. But at first I thought “you and I won’t probably get on”.

I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better - Abraham Lincoln

One small caveat, this quote doesn’t apply to

  • blokes in Fedora hats

  • people from Clapham but speak like a Roadmen and wear signet rings “oiiii, bless bruv, last night was a moviieeee… Henry when you heading back to Henley Bruv”

  • humans or, in fact, any fucking species who navigate a Kit Kat by eating the chocolate around the outside first. It’s not fucking harmonica mate!!

2. Simplicity is sophistication - Leonardo DaVinci

Love this packaging/ brand journey for HUEL’s new drinked. Hue’d have thought it started like that? hahahahahahahahha

The salient lesson with great packaging.

Less is more.

Less is more.

Less is more.

Less is more.

Unless you’re at Nando’s or Chinese buffet when more is more.

3. Please Sir, Can I have some more

I listened back to the William Chase, founder of Tyrells and Chase Distillery - it’s a certy BANGAAAAA

“sales people are just order takers”

“nature fills your mind with freedom”

“when you’re in a hole, stop digging”

“why your brand is a friend”

4. I’m luvin’ it, luvin’ it…I’m luvin it like that.

Your category and competition are the cars on the motorway.

It’s crowded. Busy. Everyone looks the same.

Be the Range Rover. Escape competition.

But how?

Be Different. Not Better.

Ready for the super cringe, Needy AF ask?

Today, as you know guys, probably, like, like I dunno if you like know..

But, it’s ACTUALLY, like, TOTALLY, my 30th birthday

To be really honest, I’m a little disgruntled, like, … in fact, no… I am monu-fucking-MENTALLY fucked off….

I rushed downstairs this morning…. after…Mummy made me breakfast in bed… Spag Bowl and those Cadbury’s Freddo yoghurt thingy’s …I got downstairs, like, so excited, to like, to open my presents.

My Mummy brought me a fucking Croc Pot Slow Cooker… not a Gold-Plated Nintendo Fucking WII, like I asked for, like FUCKING 100000 and 1 , like, fucking times.

Anyway, as you can imagine, it’s all been rather traumatic. All wanna do play WII ping pong or bowling and/or archery.

Instead here I am making a slow cooked Lamb moussaka con garlic bread.


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See ya’s next week peeps.

Popey x

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